You could call anything apart from our standard ranges “Specials” but that doesn’t quite cut it. To become a “special” the piece has to have something…well…..special about it, it has to work in our eyes. There is an aim to make something a bit good. They don’t always work, in fact they don’t work very often.The criteria for one of these pieces is “are they special?” and if not they’re a second, simple. Brutal, but it keeps us on our toes.

These 2 are, in my humble opinion just the doggy-doo-dahs, and they are both still in stock! just saying click here

Pink Shakspeare Glass Light Special
The Pink One

Orange Special Shakspeare Glass light
The Orange One

We have only made 2 group pieces that we are satisfied with, both here. They are mounted on a stainless steel disc for display, but ideally the wires should just disappear through the ceiling. These are not on our Shakspeare Glass site at the moment, so if you are interested drop us a line. Thanks